How Can I Capture Historical PPC Data

Fetcher gets PPC data from Amazon's Advertising API (application program interface). It's the only 100% accurate source for PPC data inside Amazon's API. 

Sadly, this data source only offers 60 days of historical PPC data from the date that you sign up for Fetcher. 

If you would like Fetcher to include historical PPC data beyond 60 days from the date of signup, you can manually add the figures to our section called "Other Expenses."

Here is how to do it...

1) Retrieve your historical PPC figures from Seller Central

In Seller Central, go to Reports >> Advertising Reports >> Performance Over Time and download the missing data you want to enter into Fetcher.

If you started selling on Amazon on January 1st and you signed up for Fetcher on May 1st we would already have your PPC data from April and March. But we would be missing the data from January and February.

With the downloaded report, add up the Total Spend for each missing month. For our example, we'll need the total PPC spend from February and January. The columns labeled "Clicks" and "Average Cost-per-click" won't be used in this calculation. 

 2) Add the historical PPC figures from Seller Central to Fetcher

Log into Fetcher and go to Expenses >> Other Expenses >> Add Expense

Then enter in the total PPC spend for each month that is missing from Fetcher. 

Following these simple steps will ensure that your historical profits are 100% accurate! You don't need to worry about current and future profit calculations since we can get the PPC data automatically from the API. 

We promise to keep complaining to Amazon about this restriction. Hopefully, they'll make historical PPC data available soon!

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