Is VAT displayed in Fetcher?

We're sorry to say that VAT is not yet integrated into Fetcher, since we’re still sorting out the tax requirements for EU sellers.

BUT we are working on adding it in by the end of November, 2017.

For now, though, VAT needs to be added manually, as part of your COGS (cost of goods), or in the “Other Expenses” section of your 'Expenses' page. Just follow the steps outlined in the "expense video tutorial", which you can view by clicking on the link at the top right-hand corner of your 'Expenses page, directly above the grey 'Other Expenses' button.

You will find it here:

Because we are working on Fetcher's ability to include VAT moving forward, we would love to get your thoughts on which of the following VAT solutions would be best for your business. Please email your feedback/choice to us at

Here are the solutions we're looking into:

1) Deduct the “tax” line item from the principal price in Fetcher, effectively removing VAT entirely from our reporting. VAT wouldn’t be included in revenue and therefore profits would be correct.

2) Include the “tax” line item in revenue calculation (as we do now), but also include it in the costs section. It would be just like FBA fees; deducted from profit calculations, giving accurate profit numbers. 

3) Create editable fields for EU sellers to enter VAT costs as a percentage of total revenue in each country.

Thanks so much for helping us create a solution that works best for everyone!

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