How Does Fetcher Calculate Metrics?


  • Costs: Amazon Fees + Cost of Goods + Inbound Shipping + Reshipping + PPC Spend
  • Cost of Goods: Cost of labor and materials to produce your product
  • Inbound Shipping: Cost of shipping your product from the production site
  • Reshipping: Cost of shipping from a storage location directly to an Amazon Fulfillment Center using Amazon’s freight forwarding services. This section will be blank for users that do not use reshipping services.
  • Amazon Fees: Fetcher saves, and calculates EVERY fee charged or credited by Seller Central. They are displayed in two categories: Recurring Fees & Orders Fees.
  • Recurring Fees: The sum of all non-orders fees paid to Amazon. 
    • Subscription Fee, Storage Fee, DisposalComplete, Inventory Placement Service Fee, BalanceAdjustment, WarehousePrep, ShippingServices, RemovalComplete, Current Reserve Amount, FBACustomerReturn, Amazon Capital Services, PostageAdjustment, FBAInboundDefectFee_LABEL_ISSUE, Unplanned Service Fee - Barcode label missing, StorageRenewalBilling, FBADisposalFee, FBARemovalFee, FBAInboundConvenienceFee, FBAStorageFee, LabelingFee, FBALongTermStorageFee, PolybaggingFee, FBAInboundDefectFee, RunLightningDealFee
  • Orders Fees:The sum of orders fees. Referral Fees + FBA Fees + Other Fees
    • Referral Fees: The commission paid to Amazon (15% for most products).
    • FBA Fees: Order Handling Fees, Pick Pack Fees, Weight Handling Fees
    • Other Fees:  FixedClosingFee, GiftwrapChargeback, GiftwrapComission, SSOFFFulfillmentFee, SalesTaxCollectionFee, ShippingChargeback, ShippingHB, TransactionFee, VariableClosingFee, RefundCommission, GetPaidFasterFee, CBAPaymentAuthFeeOnFinalize
  • PPC Spend: The amount of money spent on Amazon product ads.
  • PPC Sales: The amount of sales generated by PPC ads
  • ACOS: Advertising Cost of Sales = PPC Spend / PPC Generated Sales
  • Other Expenses: Any additional business costs you want Fetcher to account for. You can associate the costs with a specific ASIN or leave them as general company expenses.



  • Sales: Total sales revenue. Units Sold x Product Price + Reimbursements - Refunds - Promo Rebates.
  • Refunds: The sum of all refund expenses.
  • Promo Rebates: The difference between the Regular Price and Discounted price when using coupons promotions
  • Reimbursements: The sum of repayments from Amazon to your account.
  • Profit:  Sales - Costs
  • Profit Margin: Profit / Sales
  • ROI: (Sales - Total Expenses) / Total Expenses

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