Why Are Sales in Fetcher Lower than Sales in Seller Central?

Fetcher applies a fully adjusted sales calculation, while Seller Central only captures total product charges.

We believe in showing you the most accurate sales value, and therefore Fetcher subtracts negative sales events (Refunds and Promo Rebates) from sales. We also add reimbursements to total Sales.

  • Refunds: The sum of all refund expenses
  • Promo Rebates: The difference between the Regular Price and Discounted price when using coupons promotions
  • Reimbursements: The sum of repayments from Amazon to your account.

Example Scenario: An Amazon seller sold 20 widgets on October 1st.

Product Price: $5

Total Units Sold: 20

Promo Rebates Used: 1 coupon for $4 off

Refunds: 2

Sales in Seller Central = $100

Sales in Fetcher = $86

       - 19 products sold for $5 = $95

       - 1 product sold for $4 off = $1

       - 2 products refunded = ($10)

You can also click on the "expand button" so you can see your total product charges as seen here: 

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