Why is My Historical PPC Data Missing?

If you just signed up for Fetcher, then only seeing part of your historical PPC data is completely normal...that because we use Amazon's most reliable advertising API (Application Program Interface) to calculate your PPC Spend and PPC Sales...and Amazon only offers 60 days of historical data starting from the date that you sign up for Fetcher. 

Because this is a limitation put in place by Amazon, unfortunately there's nothing we can do to get PPC data that is older than 60 days.

On the plus side though, once you sign up (and in addition to that 60 days worth of historical data), Fetcher will collect and save all of your PPC data from that point forward; and that data will be accessible as long as you have an active Fetcher account.

In order to add PPC data past the 60 days time period, please check out  "How can I capture historical PPC Data?”.

But if you're not new to Fetcher, and your current PPC data is missing, please reach out to us at support@fetcher.com. We're always happy to help. :)

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